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What is this site?

Gaggle+ aims to be a flight-sharing / social platform for (mainly) paraglider pilots. If you had a flight you would like to share or document for yourself you are at the right place.

Why the name?

It's a parody (a very funny one thank you) of the defunct social media site by Google called Google+ which was operational between 2011 and 2019.

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What does gaggle mean?

In English, it's a group or flock of geese.

= a goose

= a gaggle of geese

In paragliding when there are a lot of pilots in the air in an area some refer to the confetti of colorful wings in the sky as a gaggle.

What are .igc files?

.igc is a file format specified by the International Gliding Commission (aka FAI Gliding Commission). It was originally developed for the flight computers of gliders to keep a record of flight information. It can store the position of the aircraft through time and other flight-related data. It was adapted in paragliding to track flights mostly for competitions.

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How do I create .igc files?

There are numerous dedicated devices called FAI recorders, FAI loggers or simply flight computers that are capable of recording .igc files. The easiest way to get started is to download a smartphone application and use your phone's sensors to create the logs.

Some applications to try (no affiliation with any of them):

How do I delete my data?

After logging in click the "Delete data" button on the profile page or visit

I've lost my password. How can I get a new one?

Visit, select the "Reset password" tab and provide the e-mail address you used for registration. You will receive an e-mail with a special link to set a new password.

Where can I report problems with Gaggle+?

Please send an e-mail to with the details of your issue.